fake robots, real fashion

Communicating design ideas with clients in the fashion industry is often complex and time consuming due to its unique challenges and restrictions. Even with great cloth simulation tools it stays a cumbersome process, especially if you are forced to iterate a lot.

However, what if we could use artificial intelligence to create the rich visuals supporting our ideas and thus avoiding time-consuming manual processes?

And for DAFT PROMPTS, this is exactly what I did.

I utilized Stable Diffusion to turn my concept art from simple flat sketches with text descriptions into images that are in the ballpark region of rivaling professional advertising photography - in the early concept phase of the project. Each design is the result of an intense back and forth with hundreds of iterations per shot - and all of that in a matter of days. I think it is fair to say that this is simply not viable with any other process.

No matter what your personal opinion on the usage of AI is, it is hard to argue that this is not a total game changer.. because it is.

CREDITS: @chris_muetze / @gizmo64k using Krita & Stable Diffusion 1.5, 2023-07-24 - 2023-09-08, All images are 100% synthetic / generated, no photos were used as a basis.